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'Roots' is a recent work that I've created and has received good critical attention this year from the Lumen Digital Art Prize and the London International Creative Competition. This work is representative of my art in recent time. My works represent various social, emotional, personal perspectives of the complex relationship between the inner self and outer world. I use digital imagery that combines the human advancement and trajectory of the twenty-first century and the deeper more innate human spirits.

Growing up in a family from various ethnicity and cultures has given me a strong sense of the importance of being part of a wider accepting social group. Identity and freedom of expression remains central to my work.

My images are all created digitally, and aims to take advantage of newer technological methods. I feel art needs to evolve and not remain stagnant in either form, medium or content.

Gregoire A Meyer

Award-winning artist Grégoire A. Meyer creates digital illustrations that evoke thought-provoking reactions. His art examines the body in its extraordinary simplicity as a biological, digital and aesthetic organism. He captures the essence of fleeting moments, like a splash of water or a disintegrating face, and freezes them in time in objects that appear almost tangible. His works create a complex relationship between fact and fiction.

Regarding the animated version, I have collaborated with George RedHawk an American artist based in France who specialises in creating a unique self taught style of Motion Art from existing static works by other artists. Using a blend of static and morphing movements to his works, he has gain global attention as a .Gif artist and numerous features in art magazines all over the world.